Stipra rewards you for caring for the environment

Show you care about the environment and be actually rewarded for it!
Take pictures of household products before you dispose of them, receive points you can trade, trade those points for many perks, participate in a community of good recyclers, and help companies be more environmentally conscious

Each time our system identifies these and other products you win!
ProductPoints awardedValid until
Chupa ChupsDid you know that the Chupa Chups logo was created by world famous artist Salvador DalĂ­? And if you dispose of it properly at the yellow bin for plastics you will get 120 points12023/10/2022
IKEA Stocksund sofaA real showpiece with tailored cover available in different textures, sewn with piping and pleats. And if you dispose of it at a certified disposal center we will grant you 200 points20011/06/2022
Tesco Gold Instant CoffeeTesco Gold RICH & SMOOTH Robusta and Arabica beans, roasted for a deep flavour Our farmers harvest coffee at the height of the season when the coffee cherry is at perfect ripeness. And if you dispose of it in the green bin for glass you get 120 points12024/07/2022
Old Spice OriginalThe Old Spice Original deodorant fights unpleasant odour effectively and gives you a long-lasting feeling of comfort and freshness. And if you dispose of it in the proper location (the yellow bin for plastics) you get 150 points15017/06/2022
Metro newspaperMetro is the United Kingdoms highest-circulation print newspaper. So, disposing of it properly avoids many environmental problems and CGH buildup. For that, you get 100 points if you dispose it in the right bin (the blue one for paper)10015/07/2022
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Trade your points for these perks! Some expire soon, so hurry to get as many points as possible to be able to trade them!
OfferSchoolLevelValid until
Trade 100 points for 15 cents to be credited to your bank accountAllGrasshopper17/06/2022
Trade 100 points for 10 cents to be credited to your bank accountAllFrog25/05/2022
Trade 100 points for 5 cents to be credited to your bank accountAllSnake25/05/2022
Trade 100 points for 3 cents to be credited to your bank accountAllEagle10/08/2022
Trade 200 points for 200 Robux ZelbotAll11/02/2022
Trade 200 Stipra points for 200 Nectar pointsAllAll15/04/2022

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