Take a picture of these products when you throw them in the trash and win points you can trade!
Remember however that you have to recycle properly to get your points. And hurry, as these offers do not last forever! :)
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Natumi Cresoy Cuisine soyaCresoy natural, a vegetable-based alternative to cream, made with soya, for cooking and baking, UGT. 10025/06/2022
Bio natural tahiniBio natural tahini, no added salt, sugar or palm oil. 100% sesame. 10024/06/2022
Healthy CoffeeHealthy Coffee15008/04/2022
Chupa ChupsDid you know that the Chupa Chups logo was created by world famous artist Salvador Dalí? And if you dispose of it properly at the yellow bin for plastics you will get 120 points12023/10/2022
IKEA Stocksund sofaA real showpiece with tailored cover available in different textures, sewn with piping and pleats. And if you dispose of it at a certified disposal center we will grant you 200 points20011/06/2022
Tesco Gold Instant CoffeeTesco Gold RICH & SMOOTH Robusta and Arabica beans, roasted for a deep flavour Our farmers harvest coffee at the height of the season when the coffee cherry is at perfect ripeness. And if you dispose of it in the green bin for glass you get 120 points12024/07/2022
Old Spice OriginalThe Old Spice Original deodorant fights unpleasant odour effectively and gives you a long-lasting feeling of comfort and freshness. And if you dispose of it in the proper location (the yellow bin for plastics) you get 150 points15017/06/2022
Metro newspaperMetro is the United Kingdoms highest-circulation print newspaper. So, disposing of it properly avoids many environmental problems and CGH buildup. For that, you get 100 points if you dispose it in the right bin (the blue one for paper)10015/07/2022
Samsung Classic Fridge FreezerDid you know that many refrigerators use gases that are very harmful to the environment? The Samsung Classic Fridge Freezer, A+++ is environmentally friendly and, to prove that, we are giving you 200 points if you dispose it at a tip20025/06/2022
H&M Platform bootsPlatform boots in imitation leather with a zip in one side, lacing at the front and a loop at the back. Dispose of them in any appropriate clothing dump site and get 130 points13010/06/2022
Aptamil 2 Follow On Milk Powder Formula 6-12 MonthNutricia has over 120 years of expertise in early life science, with a passionate team of more than 500 scientists and experts. They have been pioneering breastmilk research for 40 years taking inspiration from the benefits of nature. Disposed properly of Aptamil in the blue bin and get 170 points17018/06/2022
LG K42Did you know that improperly disposed mobiles can cause fires? The LG K42 Green is a high end mobile with a 6.6 display, a fast 2ghz CPU, a huge quad 13mp camera, and a lasting 4000 mah battery. And you get 200 points for disposing it in any approved center20017/07/2022
Warburtons Toastie Thick Sliced White BreadThick Sliced White Bread. Vegetarian Society approved. Kosher - KLBD. Halal - HFA Approved. "Our family favourite for perfect toast." And if you dispose of the empty plastic wrapping bag in the proper bin (the yellow one) you get 170 points! 17021/08/2022
Nescafe Original Instant CoffeeExperience a rich coffee flavour with every mug. Savour a fantastic coffee aroma when you open the jar. And, once you have finished the bottle, dump it in the right bin (the green one for glass) so it gets recycled. Nature and Nestlé will thank you!12018/06/2022
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate BarCadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar, one of UKs most consumed product, believe it or not! And thats why it is so important that it ends up in the correct bin (the blue one for paper), and for that we will give you 120 points12016/09/2022
Listerine Cool Mint MouthwashListerine Mouthwash is the worlds number one daily mouthwash. And if you dump it in the right bin (the yellow one, for plastics) and show us that, we will grant you 200 points.20009/07/2022
Nivea CreamHelp us combat ocean pollution! Dispose of your Nivea Cream can in the proper bin (the red one for metals) and we will give you 200 points20025/05/2022
Unknown ProductShow us a product weve never seen before and we will grant you 100 points. But make sure you dispose of it in the proper bin ok? :)10022/10/2022
Known ProductShow us a product we have seen before and we will grant you 50 points. Dont forget to put it in the right bin!5017/06/2022
ASDA Tomato KetchupTry ASDA Classic Tomato Ketchup and win 130 points for disposing of it in the yellow bin13017/06/2022
Font VellaFont Vella is a Spanish water from the protected areas of the Guilleries Natural Area - Savassona (Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona) and the Natural Barranco de Rio Dulce (Siguenza, Guadalajara). Danone cares for the environment and is giving away 200 points for disposing the bottles on the yellow bin20017/06/2022
Pepsi Cola Soda RegularAt Pepsi we care about the environment and for that we are giving 200 points to anyone who can show has disposed of our delicious and refreshing Pepsi Cola Soda Regular in the proper bin (the yellow one :))20012/08/2022
Tesco Whole Green BeansShow your care for the environment by disposing of your Tesco Whole Green Beans in the metal (red) bin and you will get 150 points!15021/05/2022
Lemsip MaxHelp the NHS in its fight against COVID! Take a picture of your used Lemsip Max box when you dispose of it so the NHS can properly map Flu X Covid incidences. And you will get 300 points!30015/04/2022